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Home News The sun acts responsibly in reporting terrorism letter | media

The sun acts responsibly in reporting terrorism letter | media

Her article (mainstream media help radicalization, says Met's anti-terrorist chief on March 21) suggested that the sun was "rushed" to upload clips of the footage filmed by the gunman in the terrible plot Christchurch was recorded last week.

Aside from the implication that we acted irresponsibly, the failure to explain to your readers that we did not show violent clips gives the misleading impression that we have published graphic videos of shootings or propaganda.

In addition, the article does not note that Brendan Cox – co-founder of Survivors Against Terror – praised our front page last Sunday as a "model of how terror should be covered" and that TellMama, a group campaigning against hate crimes, described Sun's coverage of the attack that day as "really positive". It also does not recognize that, unlike the Guardian, we referred to the shooter as "terrorists" right after the attack.

We acknowledge our responsibility as the UK's largest commercial news organization with respect to the reporting of terror.
Andy New Year
PR Director and leading writer, the sun



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