Human beings believe that the end of the world will be because of a nuclear war or any other man-made end, but the sun on which all life on earth depends will inevitably destroy everything alive on our planet in the future.

Scientists now believe that the star that feeds the earth is destined to extinction and turn into a massive crystallization in about 10 billion years. This means that our solar system becomes uninhabitable, because much of life on this planet depends on our star's energy to survive.

According to the British "Metro" site, Dr. Pierre Emanuel Tremblay of the University of Warwick Physics Department predicted this after discovering that white dwarf stars became solid at the end of their lives and that the same thing would happen to our sun someday.

"All the white dwarfs will crystallize at some point in their evolution, and as the larger dwarf white passes this process sooner, it means that the billions of white dwarfs in our galaxy have already completed the process, and the sun itself will become a white crystal dwarf after that," Dr Trimblay said. About 10 billion years ago. "



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