The super talent 2021: a portrait of Michael Michalsky – perfume, friend, fortune, criticism

Michael Michalsky is considered a German fashion institution and is one of the most successful designers in the country. His designs for adidas, Levi-Strauss and Sony caused a stir every time. At „Germanys Next Topmodel“ 2016 he put next Heidi Klum already proven his talent as a juror. Now he is next to a moderator Chantal Janzen and football legend Lukas Podolski at the jury panel of “Das Supertalent” 2021 Take a seat.

But how does the fashion guru tick? Biography, his own scent and criticism as a future “The Super talent”-Juror – everything you need to know about the new jury member can be found here at a glance.

Michael Michalsky profile: birthday, Instagram, place of residence

  • Name: Michael Michalsky
  • Job: Designer, entrepreneur
  • Level of education: Abitur, studies at the London College of Fashion
  • Birthday: 23.02.1967
  • Star sign: fishes
  • Alter: 54
  • Place of birth: Göttingen, Lower Saxony
  • Place of residence: London, Berlin
  • Nationality: Federal Republic of Germany
  • Size: 190 cm
  • Relationship status: unknown
  • Children: no
  • Instagram: michael.michalsky

Michael Michalsky biography: the way to your own label

Today applies Michael Michalsky as a fashion guru. But in his home village with 1,300 residents near Hamburg, he said he was a freak at the time. He dressed differently, had no girlfriend, and didn’t play football like other children his age. The 54-year-old discovered his love for fashion at the tender age of 14 after reading an article about Karl Lagerfeld. Since then, Michalsky has dreamed of doing exactly the same thing as Lagerfeld and made every effort to achieve his goal.

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Michael Michalsky’s heart beats for more than fashion. In addition to his studies in London, he also worked in a hospice for people with AIDS. After completing his bachelor’s degree, the current fashion designer returned to Germany and worked as a design manager Levi-Strauss. Later he switched to adidas as chief designer. His dream of his own label led him to Berlin, where he started his start-up „Michalsky“ started. Nowadays his company is considered a lifestyle label and he now also creates furniture, tableware and has even brought his own fragrance onto the market.

Michael Michalsky: Perfume

Like many designers, Michael Michalsky has his own Scent released. Be Perfume the fashion designer staged sexy with shiny bodies and hot poses during the advertising shoot. That is also intended. Michael Michalsky wants his scent to make you sexy. That’s why he tries to stage it that way. In the “Bild” interview, the fashion designer said: “I think sex is something particularly beautiful. I hope that the perfume comes across as well. “

Opening your own department store is the next item on Michael Michalsky’s agenda. Some departments still have to be filled, but the fashion designer is already working hard on it.

Michael Michalsky: friend

Professionally everything runs smoothly at Michael Michalsky. But what does the designer do privately? For everyone who is wondering: Yes, Michael Michalsky is humid. In 2010 he made his relationship with his then boyfriend Jan Fischer officially and introduced him to the public. But the couple separated after a year of relationship. Little is known about the fashion guru’s relationship status since then. Private matters have remained private ever since. But the designer admitted that he wanted to find a man for life in the long term and would also like to start a family.

Michael Michalsky is a juror for “Das Supertalent” 2021

RTL has the new jury forThe super talent “2021 completed. To footballers Lukas Podolski join the moderator Chantal Janzen and fashion designer Michael Michalsky. With this new jury I would like to RTL push ahead with its conversion to a family and relevance broadcaster. The broadcaster would like to have a more constructive and advertising-friendly face. With Michael Michalsky and Co. you have “first-class experts for the best family entertainment”, according to RTL.

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The fashion designer is already TV-tested, he was previously a juror at „Germnay’s Next Topmodel“ and “The perfect model”. Michalsky stated that he sees a lot of potential for inclusion in the show. Which means for him: “Appreciation and recognition of diversity and the abolition of prejudices”. A swipe towards Dieter Bohlen: As is well known, the pop titan stood for a different kind of trash TV.

These are the three jurors of “Das Supertalent” 2021:

“Das Supertalent” 2021: Criticism of the new jury

There was a lot of hail criticism for the new jury line-up for “Das Supertalent” 2021. Michael Michalsky’s specialty is fashion, so naturally he made sense as a top model juror. For “The Super talent” in the opinion of many, it seems unsuitable. Fans of the show were less enthusiastic about the new jury. Critical comments such as:

  • “Nobody will and can ever replace Dieter and Bruce.”
  • “Here you can see the final demise of a former big-player show on German television.”
  • “Pity!! The super talent is history !! “
  • “You are not serious !?”

Ob RTL can generate the desired added value for the show with the new jury remains to be seen. All information about the start, broadcast dates and broadcast times of “Das Supertalent” 2021 can be found in the following article:

Michael Michalsky: fortune

Michael Michalsky is one of the most successful fashion designers in Germany. But how much do you earn as a fashion designer and TV star? According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and various online resources, that’s Net worth of the famous fashion designer Michael Michalsky between $ 1-5 million.

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