The superfood that helps increase muscle mass: this is how it can be consumed

Some people seek to increase their muscle mass so that their body looks more toned and with greater volume, but to achieve this you have to be persistent.

Muscle strengthening can help build strong bones, control weight, improve quality of lifecontribute to better balance and reduce the risk of falls, treat chronic conditions, sharpen intellectual skills, among others, according to the Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit entity dedicated to clinical practice, education and research.

“Muscle mass is made up of the total set of tissue commonly called muscle. Skeletal muscle is an organ whose fundamental function is to facilitate movement, joint stability and structural protection of our skeleton. This has the ability to expand or bulge, a fact that will depend on the force that we apply to the muscle. The more force, the greater the muscle mass of the subject to be able to oppose resistance”, explained the physical educator Daniel Molina, director of the Muscular Analytical Center, in Madrid to the Spanish magazine ¡Hola!

One option that exists is soy protein, a supplement that promotes muscle mass growth, as it is a great source of essential amino acids.

This protein can fuel more muscle mass growth even more than animal protein, added to the fact that it is more ecological, according to The universe.

In this sense, the nutritionist Gabriela Iturralde, from GI Nutrición, said that including this nutrient in the diet can increase the protein and caloric value.

But although it is believed that for it to work, it must be consumed within two hours after exercise, the specialist points out that the important thing is to consume the right amount during the day.

“For a gain in muscle mass, a general increase in calories is needed and there must be a balance between all the macros, that is, between carbohydrates, protein and fat,” he added.

On the other hand, to build muscle, Harvard-affiliated Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital physical therapist Shawn Pedicini said, according to GQ, that “Weight training is the best way to maintain the muscle mass you have and even to increase the mass that may have been lost with aging.”

Also, the expert revealed some tips to increase muscle mass and said:

1. Have a specialized and trained coach who teaches the correct technique for each exercise or training.

2. Work free weight. That is, use dumbbells, kettlebells or bars without the need to use gym machines.

3. Perform leg lifts such as squats, lunges, deadlifts to strengthen the quads and hamstrings which are the largest muscles in the entire body.

4. Weight, repetitions and series. According to the expert, over time you will have to do fewer repetitions with a higher weight in order to gain muscle.