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The Supreme Court has removed the last obstacle that stood in the Trump Administration’s plans to deny residence permits (green card) to those immigrants who are considered to be, at some point, an economic “burden” for the State, by requiring public medical assistance or assistance for housing or food. With the ruling, the rule that will make it more difficult to obtain residence for applicants with fewer resources comes into force throughout the country. As in another similar case last month, conservative magistrates have imposed themselves by five votes to four.

On Friday night, hours after hearing the ruling, the progressive judge Sonia Sotomayor published a hard vote, in which she denounces that the Trump Administration resorts too often to the Supreme, alleging emergency situations, to unlock controversial policies. And he accuses his fellow conservative judges of the highest judicial instance of aligning too easily with a government that shows impatience.

“It is difficult to say what is more worrisome: that the Government resorts to this extraordinary resource as usual or that the court grants it,” writes Sotomayor. “The behavior of the court,” the judge denounces, has benefited “a litigator over all others.”

Sotomayor’s criticisms become especially relevant in a course in which the Supreme Court, with a more conservative majority since the appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the summer of 2018, has matters of enormous social and political importance on the table. From immigration, with the case of the rights of dreamers (immigrants who arrived illegally in the country as minors), until abortion, through gay rights, weapons, and even Donald Trump’s own efforts to hide his personal finances.

The Supreme resolution is a victory for the Trump Administration. The White House on Saturday expressed its “gratitude” for the sentence. “This firm ruling will protect hard-working American taxpayers, safeguard social security programs for Americans who really need them, reduce the federal deficit and restore the fundamental legal principle that newcomers to our society must be financially self-sufficient. and not depend on the need of the taxpayers of the United States, ”says the statement released by the press secretariat.

The regulations were published last summer, and a number of activists, as well as several states, immediately opposed an initiative that transforms legal immigration, and went to court. Friday’s ruling corrects a judge’s decision of a lower instance to block the new rules on residence permits in the State of Illinois. Last month, the Supreme Court had also decided to lift the blockade, ordered by a New York judge, of the regulations for the rest of the country. Litigation continues with other cases, but the immigration and citizenship services have ensured that they have already implemented it since Monday.



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