The surprise of Jordi Alba and other tactical keys of the FC Barcelona

Barça wants to chain its fourth victory in the Santander League in a row beating Osasuna in the match that will close on Sunday. The meeting has to serve to continue climbing the table and in the game. Here my 5 tactical keys:

1- Araújo or Eric García

The last two games have revealed a strategy that Barça’s rivals are using to hinder their attack. And it is none other than floating one of the centrals (Araújo) to pair individually with the three midfielders. It is evident that, despite the fact that he has improved in this regard, the Uruguayan is the one who has the most problems to come out clearly in this type of situation. This explains the change that Xavi made in the half against Galatasaray. That is why, against a team that presses as well as Osasuna, the Barça coach has two options: give maximum confidence to Ronald Araújo or choose Eric García as Piqué’s partner to have more performance with the ball.

Tactical key FC Barcelona – Osasuna


2- Jordi Alba’s entries from the left

Surely, Osasuna will not press high but he will not wait inside his area either. And it is that, with a percentage of 29%, Osasuna is the second team that spends the most time in the match in the last rival third. Also as a visitor. Against Arrasate he could choose to change the 4-4-2 to play with three central defenders and two lanes. Two factors that can make tackles from behind the left-back (Jordi Alba) a powerful tool to generate clear scoring chances. In addition, the back of his winger or right winger (Nacho Vidal), is very winnable.

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Tactical key FC Barcelona - Osasuna

Tactical key FC Barcelona – Osasuna


3- Active midfield

This point is related to the previous one. When Barça acts in its positional attacks there will also be certain spaces behind the opponent’s defensive line. That is why it will be very important that the second line hits the area from the interior breaks. Nico González’s goal in the match of the first round going deep down the eight lane is the best proof of this.

4- Occupy the area well

In the defensive section, the Barça challenge will be to keep a clean sheet. Something that has only been achieved in one of the last seven games. And for this he must be very good in the defensive distribution of the area. Because Osasuna does not elaborate but instead seeks to place the ball very directly into the area. He usually tries it by means of middle displacements or lateral centers. And when he does, he always breaks into all the finishing zones. Reason for which it will be essential that Barça always close these spaces with three.

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5- Kike Garcia and Ruben Garcia

With the significant loss of Chimy Ávila, the two main sources of danger that Barça will have to control will be the two heads of the Navarrese team: Kike García and Rubén García. The first is a highly accredited striker who moves wonderfully in the type of game that Osasuna plays. He has a great aerial game (2.9 aerial duels won per game). And with a total of five goals, he is the top scorer and a fixture for Jagoba Arrasate.

Attention also to Rubén García because he can generate things both playing as a second striker and starting from the wing. He is fast, skillful and has a very good shot that is good for him both to finish off and to center. With a total of three, he is the top assistant. Finally, a lot of attention to David García every time he takes a set piece. He has a lot of finishing potential.