The surprise pass that puts Lautaro Martínez’s arrival at Barcelona in check

The union between Lautaro Martínez and Lionel Messi’s Barcelona was transformed into an epic saga of disagreements. And if a couple of weeks ago the financial engineering of the Catalans was thorough enough to stay with the services of the ex-Racing, this Sunday was almost zero. And with Real Madrid as the protagonist and cause, neither more nor less. Yes, “the bad guy” appeared.

In the pre-match that closes on the 28th of Serie A in Italy, the Italian media focused on the pass market. And in that sense they take for granted the transfer of Achraf Hakimi, the winger whose pass belongs to Real Madrid, who upped his shares for the past two seasons defending the Borussia Dortmund shirt in the Bundesliga.

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As reported in Europe, Inter and Madrid reached an initial agreement for a figure that exceeds 40 million euros for the transfer of the African side and on Tuesday he would be traveling to Italy to perform the physical test.

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The arrival of the Moroccan is not just another detail. It is presented as a strong obstacle for Barcelona and the claims to add Lautaro Martínez. It is that although the exit clause of the bahiense is valued at 111 million euros, the Catalans had in mind to yield to Nélson Semedo, which is not taken into account by Quique Setién, as to reduce the amount to be disbursed.

Lautaro Martinez, during the warm-up of the match against Parma.  Photo: Reuters

Lautaro Martinez, during the warm-up of the match against Parma. Photo: Reuters

The coronavirus and the pandemic hit hard in the coffers and actions of Barcelona, ​​and the current economy of the Catalans suffer shocks as if they were in the heat of the tsunami. So they no longer throw butter on the ceiling. On the contrary.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, that possibility would be truncated with the arrival of the Moroccan from Madrid: Semedo occupies the same position as Hakimi.

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If a month ago the difference between the two clubs was 20 million euros (Barcelona planned to give 70 and Semedo), distances are now widened especially because this session is not interesting and the Catalans should pay more than 90 million euros.

But also, according to the publication of the important Italian sports newspaper, IInter will offer Lautaro a renewal of the link with a sharp increase in his salary to stay in Milan.

The termination clause expires in two weeks. In the case of not reaching an agreement, the claims of Barcelona would be almost lost, because the starting price of the striker of the Selection will be much higher.

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