The surprises of January at Ototo Editions!

We are preparing for the break! Warning !!! Two novelties arrive on the European soil for the new year, and all this: thanks to Ototo Editions !! First, the adaptation of “Grimoire of zero” , the famous adventure fantasy-like journey of initiation, who already knows his own anime!

But also “No game, No life” , another adaptation, this time, Yuu Kamiya’s light novel !! To note, in France, the animated series broadcast in streaming on DNA (Anime Digital Network) from 2014, will offer an exit in DVD & Blu-ray the December 5th next.

Grimoire of Zero: Sorcery and Curse at the rendezvous !!!


One of the surprises at Ototo Editions for the month of January: Grimoire of Zero, the famous adventure fantasy-like voyage of initiation lands on European soil! This shonen, adaptation of the light novel of the same name, was originally created on a Kakeru Kobashiri script and “decorated” illustrations by Yoshino Shizuma. This new series will take place in 6 volumes . She is currently finished in Japan.

Get ready for the 19th of January 2018 !! The first two volumes will come out simultaneously with Éditions Ototo !!! !

Since ancient times, man has always been frightened by what he did not understand. Witchcraft is no exception to this rule, and it is from this fear that was born the mysterious Grimoire of Zero, a book whose disappearance will upset the fragile balance established between the world of humans and that of witches!

In the year 526 of the liturgical calendar, the practice of witchcraft is forbidden. The witches are thus driven out in the name of justice throughout the kingdom of Venius. Alone and despised by the rest of the population, a mercenary half-man / half-beast, day and night dreams of breaking the curse that has made him a hybrid being from birth … His meeting with a witch named Zero could to make a dream come true. She offers to turn him into a human if he agrees to escort him as a bodyguard in his search for a magical book that would be able to cause havoc, or even the end of the world. Then begin the quest for this atypical duo to protect the secrets of the art of magic to gather humans and witches!

  • The point on the manga by the editor:

Sorcery, magic, curse, witchcraft, witch hunt … do not be fooled by the false pretenses that this incantation tries to make you believe.

Grimoire of Zero It’s not just the story of a magical quest to save the world. This saga draws all its singularity from its atypical duo of characters : Zero, an enigmatic witch called to fight against her peers, and her mercenary, a hybrid being half-man / half-beast eager to find his humanity. By inviting us to survey the roads by their side, Grimoire of Zero takes the form of a real road trip which will make us follow the evolution of protagonists who will remind us in many ways the heroes of Spice & Wolf Holo, the goddess weaves harvest, and Lawrence, the street vendor.

Obliged to cooperate when everything is against them, Zero and his mercenary will gradually learn to know and trust each other. At the rate of their adventures, they will discover the world around them and meet characters that will allow them to evolve and get closer to their ultimate goal: to make humans and witches live together.
A medieval fantasy universe, an atypical duo of characters, an initiatory road trip and a magical quest, this incantation will bring you a little closer to the truth about Grimoire of Zero , a saga that will reveal you the secrets of the art of magic !

© Mashiro Hiiragi / Yuu Kamiya 2013 KADOKAWA CORPORATION

A successful seinen who broke records when it came out in Japan. It will arrive in your bookstores from March 16, 2018 and already knows an animated film titled No Game No Life: Zero , released this summer in Japanese theaters.

Imagine a world governed by a universal law: that of the game!
In this world called Disboard, violence is proscribed and conflicts are resolved with games.
In this reality where physical strength has become the display of the weak, reflection, malice and strategy are the main strengths of the 16 races fighting for territorial control.
Among them, humans, a disappearing people, are offered a last chance with the appearance of Sora and Shiro, two young teenagers who live only for the game … and wins!

Sora and Shiro are two brothers and sisters: the biggest is unemployed, the youngest, out of school.
They live together confined at home, on the margins of society.
On the Internet, we talk about them as a true urban legend, given their talent for video games. The real world is nothing more than a “rotten game” for the siblings. But one day, someone nicknamed “God” suddenly transports them to another world where everything would be determined by the games!
Will these two rejects of society become the saviors of this new world?

© Mashiro Hiiragi / Yuu Kamiya 2013 KADOKAWA CORPORATION
  • The point on the manga by the editor:

Through his duet of protagonists as crazy as thoughtful , Yuu Kamiya offers us a delusional trip at the heart of a rich universe as much by the diversity of its landscapes as by the diversity of its characters, which will prove to be more complex than it seems.
A captivating adventure that is also distinguished by a paw graphic singular, as sweet as energetic, but especially very expressive. Features that fit perfectly with the lightly and detached from this narrative where many improbable and comical situations are linked together while revealing to us little by little the stakes of stronger and stronger.
So, will Sora and Shiro be the big winners of this game that seems to be more important than the fate of humanity?

On your marks ?!!!!! Ready, partezzzzzzzzzz! 2018 interest in hurry to arrive !!!

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