the surprising bugs released by the community (compilation)

FIFA 22 is now available to users who pre-ordered the Ultimate edition. You can now start playing modes like Division Rivals O FUT Champions in Ultimate Team and, as usual with each season start, some people spread bugs they suffer during their own games.

It seems that it is not normal to experience these types of errors while you play. To test all kinds of cards, I have played more than a hundred online matches and I have not seen anything similar. They are not typical or constant problems but we suppose that, when playing so many users in the world, these types of cases do occur from time to time. And since they are curious and even funny, we think it is a good idea to do the compilation with which we have seen in social networks during the last days.

FIFA 22 – Bugs released by the community

Penalties called as fouls

Olympic goal or corner?

Beating the 99 jump

I don’t feel good Mr. Stark

When technology fails

When we really don’t need technology

0-0-11 formation

Slippery ball

These are all we have found for now. If you see any extras and want to share them, you can send them to us on Twitter (@utaldia). Here you have the review of Iñaki Williams. All the best!

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