The Surprising Confession of a Woman’s Husband of a Chocolate Thief at Alfamart That Made the Case Ended Peacefully

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, TANGERANG – A woman named Mariana Ahong was caught stealing chocolate at Alfamart Sampora, Cisauk, South Tangerang on Saturday (13/8/2022).

After his actions were caught, instead of apologizing, he again brought a lawyer and charged Alfamart employees with the ITE Law after the video about his actions went viral.

Apparently the action was known to the veteran lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea, who immediately agreed to become a lawyer for Alfamart employees.

Later, the case ended peacefully after the two parties were met at the South Tangerang Police Headquarters.

South Tangerang Police Chief AKBP Sarly Sollu said at a press conference that this case ended peacefully.

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Sarly Sollu said that the perpetrator had a habit of unknowingly shoplifting goods and even the perpetrator’s family called it an “abnormality”.

“We know that the statement from her family or her husband that indeed reported Mrs. M has a slight abnormality, but not ODGJ,” said Sarly at the South Tangerang Police Headquarters, Monday (15/8/2022).

This is what makes the complainant and the reported party finally agree to make peace after both parties understand each other’s conditions.

Alfamart as the reporter is willing to withdraw the police report and will not proceed with the legal process.

“So there are habits that may be a little unique, this is what we understand logically. And we agreed that tonight they made peace,” explained Sarly.