The surprising proposal of actor Hugh Grant who slipped into the middle of Boris Johnson’s press conference

A march by the former British Prime Minister that left a more than striking image and that, in large part, has been devised by the actor from films such as Love ActuallyHugh Grant.

Early this Thursday morning, the London interpreter saw a well-known anti-Brexit activist, Steve Bray, on television with his loudspeakers and decided to make a curious proposal.

Through his official Twitter account, he published a message in which he was glad that Bray got his speakers back and said the following: “Do you by any chance have the music of Benny Hill how many?”.

The activist did not hesitate to fulfill the wishes of the well-known British actor and put on the comedy song. “Only for Hugh Grant”, Steve Bray has defended on social networks.

the melody of Benny Hill He snuck into the live stream of many of the reporters covering Boris Johnson’s resignation a few yards from Downing Street, but he also had a leading role during the final part of the former British Prime Minister’s speech.