The survivors returned to Bulgaria

The filming of the seventh season of “Survivor” has ended, reports Would you you. And the participants who survived until that moment returned home from the exotic Dominican Republic to Bulgaria. Immediately after landing in our country, most of them were able to hug their loved ones, from whom they had been separated for months.

Along the shores of the Caribbean, everyone experienced the adventure of a lifetime, reinvented themselves after facing the unknown, fought their greatest fears, and cultivated immense patience and strength. After long days of isolation, hard physical battles and mental trials, the survivors will now have to re-adapt to a civilization that is not marked by the constant lack of food and not shaken by tropical storms.

When twenty brave, determined men and women left for the Dominican Republic in February, and were later joined by four more aspiring players, no one suspected what exactly awaited them. Each of them had to adapt to the extreme conditions and forge their own survival strategy, enter into an unexpected coalition and face battle to move as close as possible to the goal.

Who played the best moves will be revealed on May 16 when the big final of “Survivor” is on BBC. The winner will be chosen by a jury composed of already eliminated participants. Its members will have to decide which of their competitors has shown complex qualities such as mental resilience, physical strength, resourcefulness, communication and strategic thinking, and managed to outplay and outwit their rivals. Only one will be worthy of the title “The Last Survivor” and the prize of BGN 150,000.