The suspicion that Kim Jong Un is ill has strengthened, this is the reason

ILLUSTRATION. North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

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KONTAN.CO.ID – Pyongyang. Alleged North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is ill due to smoking has strengthened. North Korea has reportedly launched a website containing a smoking ban. In fact, Kim Jong Un is known as a heavy smoker.

The anti-smoking research center in July launched an “anti-smoking 1.0” website, which is spread across the country’s closed computer networks. Based on Meari’s report via Yonhap, the site contains information provided by the government on how to quit smoking.

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The site was reportedly inaccessible given the tight control Pyongyang exerts over their network, Kwangmyongsong. reported Monday (24/8/2020), North Korea deliberately blocked their internet from the global network so that no one would seek information about them.

In recent years, North Korea is said to have started promoting an anti-smoking campaign, in which it banned tobacco imports. In addition, the country which adheres to the Juche ideology has also posted no-smoking signs in buildings and public places.

Even so, Yonhap reports that Kim Jong Un is often seen in photos chatting with someone with a cigar in his hand. Kim Jong Un is known as a heavy smoker.

On his way to Vietnam to meet US President Donald Trump, his train was called a stop so he could smoke a cigarette. In the published photos, the supreme leader is holding a cigarette, with his younger brother and adviser, Kim Yo Jong, holding an ashtray.

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The anti-smoking site that North Korea is promoting comes amid rumors that the third-generation Kim is in a coma. The claim was made by former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung’s former official, Chang Song-min, to local media.

Chang even stated that Kim Jong Un’s coma had been going on for months, with all the photos of him showing up were just fabrications.

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