The swan left for hours with a black sock on its head is now better and nesting

From nightmare to happy ending. It is the story that comes from Lincoln, in the United Kingdom, which features a female swan. On May 2nd this wonderful animal was rescued after being found with a black sock on its head. Just in time because he would probably starve or suffocate.

But after that bad situation, now the good news has arrived: the female swan and her mate are now well and preparing to start a family. The eggs should hatch in about five weeks.

Foto credit: Emily Simpkins

“They are very much together, very much in love and now they are planning a family,” said Dan Sidley, of Yorkshire Swan and Wildlife Rescue Hospital. We are really happy with how it turned out ».

However, all of this does not undo what has happened, and Sidley said he was concerned about the increase in cases of deliberate cruelty to swans and other wildlife since the start of the pandemic.

“This was certainly the first time I’ve come across a swan with a sock on its head, but we’ve seen swans hit with air rifles, crossbow darts and even stoned,” he added.

And the police are still looking for the people who put that sock on the swan’s head.

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