The Swiss U20 national team is going to the World Cup without Lian Bichsel

Without hockey talent Bichsel to the World Cup: An inexcusable stupidity

The Swiss willingly go to Canada for the U20 Ice Hockey World Championship without their best defender Lian Bichsel. With the narrow-minded approach, the association could score an own goal.

Lian Bichsel was selected 18th overall by the Dallas Stars in this year’s NHL draft in Montreal.


Lian Bichsel (18) is one of the best young defenders in the world. That’s why he was selected in the first round of the world talent exchange – the NHL draft. He is so good that he is credited with having a great career in the NHL. In the most important and roughest league in the world. But he’s not good enough to represent Switzerland at the premier World Junior Championships (U20 World Championships), which begin Tuesday in Edmonton, Canada. At this tournament, all hockey nations compete with their best juniors. Except for Switzerland, which does without Lian Bichsel.