The Sword and Shield – Radiant Stars expansion with the gameplay of Pokémon Radiant is available

Just released a new Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion named Sword and Shield – Radiant Stars.

This new set features Pokémon from the region of Hisuiappeared in the video game Pokemon Legends: Arceus, such as Hisui’s Archduke, Hisui’s Typhlosion, Hisui’s Clamiral, and many others who are new to the Pokémon TCG. The extension Sword and Shield – Radiant Stars introduced the strategic game mechanics of Pokémon Radianta new kind of Pokemon chromatic with powerful Abilities and attacks that will shake up the Pokémon TCG metagame.

Sword and Shield – Radiant Stars contains 8 Pokémon-VSTAR, 21 Pokémon-V, 2 Pokémon-VMAX, and a special Analog Trainer Gallery set featuring 30 cards featuring art from fan-favorite Trainers, Trainers, and Pokémon.