The Syrian film (Damascus, Aleppo) opens for Doreid Laham, the 34th session of the Alexandria Film Festival for the Mediterranean in October. The film was produced by the General Organization of Cinema and directed by Bassil Al-Khatib and starring a large number of stars including Abdel Moneim Amairi, Salma El Masry, Kenda Hanna, Sabah El Jazairi, Alaa El Qassim, Nermin Shawki, Ahmed Rafa, Farouq Al Jumada, Nadine Kadour and Osamah Akam. Prince Abaza, the president of the festival, wrote on his Facebook account «Damascus .. Aleppo, at the opening of Alexandria Film Festival, the first international show». The Egyptian Society of Book and Critics of Cinema sponsored by the Ministries of Culture and Tourism organized the 34th session of the festival from October 3 to 9.
The festival includes three competitions for long films, short films and Arabic films. Last May, the festival management announced the launch of Egyptian actress Nadia Lotfi on this course. The festival honors the Syrian actor Abbas Nouri, the Palestinian director Rashid Masharawi, the Moroccan artist Rawia and the Palestinian producer Hussein Al-Qala. He also pays tribute to the 10th anniversary of the departure of director Youssef Chahine and publishes a special booklet about his life and artistic career. Abdul Sayed.
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