The Taliban issued new rules. Ban women from acting Religious misconduct – News

The Taliban issued new rules. Ban women from acting pointing out religious

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The BBC reported on Nov. 22 that the Afghan Taliban government had announced eight additional regulations governing the distribution of media through television stations. Including the ban on the broadcasting of movies that are contrary to the principles of Shariah Do not publish videos that see the men’s reserved section.

Comedy and entertainment with blasphemous content is a serious offense. Movies promoting foreign culture should not be published. and prohibiting women from appearing in TV series However, Mr.Haqif Mohajir A Taliban spokesman pointed out that the rule was not a regulation but a religious guide.

Taliban issues new rules saying only men can appear in TV dramas | The Independent

Twenty years before the Taliban regained political power. The media industry in Afghanistan has been increasing in value and growing exponentially. Afghans have seen many foreign movies and dramas. Most of the entertainment media come from Turkey and India, where the main cast is female.

Women banned from appearing in TV dramas in Afghanistan under Taliban's new rules

It is highly likely that Afghanistan is moving backwards into the violence and power of the Taliban 20 years ago when television, film, books and the media sank. being accused of being unethical, contrary to religious principles Although the Taliban had promised they would rule in a more compromising way after gaining power. But everything remains the same and is expected to be even more intense.

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