The team of the feature film “Restless Minds” reveals the most interesting filming locations before the premiere in Liepaja

The psychedelic drama with elements of black comedy tells about the brothers – artists Roberts (Toms Auniņš) and Mārtiņš (Mārcis Lācis), who are preparing for their biggest solo exhibition to date.

In order to gain creative inspiration, Mārtiņš joins himself in a self-built “black cube” for nine days. When you go out, the carousel of events begins. Sleepless nights and a bohemian lifestyle take the brothers on a strange journey – to the depths of the Baltic Sea, prison and psychoneurological hospital, and take them far north to the Sámi shamans.

The creators of the film are three brothers – Raitis, Lauris and Mārcis Ābeles, who call his feature film “Liepāja Film”, because about 150 people from Liepāja have participated in its creation.

In Liepāja, the film was shot in the former “Liepājas metalurgs”, the old stroller factory, the tsarist ship repair shop, the water area, Karosta, the concert hall “Lielais dzintars”, the promenade, the SPA and boxing hall of the Liepāja Olympic Center. “In a way, it can be said that ‘Restless Minds’ is a Liepāja film,” says one of the film’s directors, Raitis Ābele.

“We shot about 70% of the film in Liepaja. Due to the presence of the sea, the unique architecture and the people, the film has a special atmosphere. The port has always seemed to me a bit of a mystical environment, because it’s as if it’s right next door, but at the same time – something from afar that will leave in a moment. We also tried to capture this feeling in the film. But the movie itself is like a psychotherapy session – see for yourself if you are calm or restless mind, ”continues R. Ābele.

“Our parents come from Saldus, but as a child we spent a lot of time in Jūrmalciems with Dad’s aunt Olita. That is why we feel Liepāja as a close and related environment. The cousins ​​live here in Liepaja, and it must be said that they embody the “restless minds” so that we must be able to keep up, “says the second director Lauris Ābele with humor.

The brothers are played by actors Toms Auniņš and Mārcis Lācis, and the art patron Juris Žagars. The main female roles are actresses Darta Danevich, performance artist Daniela Vētra, Marija Skangale and others.

The directors and screenwriters of the film “Restless Minds” are Lauris and Raitis Ābele, cameraman Mārcis Ābele, editing director Armands Začs, producers Raitis Ābele, Kriste Pudane, Roberts Vinovskis, chief artist Zanda Zeidaka.

The film was made by Tritone Studio and distributed by the film project Spectrum.

“Restless Minds” will be shown in cinemas throughout Latvia from April 28.