The television determines the transfers to PAS!

Sports Editorial Room

A club’s transfers depend primarily on its finances, and the finances of the small and medium-sized Super League teams are interrelated with the television contract each one has, as this is one of the main sources of income.

That is why in PAS they cannot yet move as they should in the transfer field, before signing the new television contract for the next years, in order to know how the budget will be formed as well as the budget for the new season. The collaboration with NOVA ends in June and discussions are expected for the new television contract, as Cosmote has also shown interest. PAS is one of the popular teams in the region, with a lot of people on its side, as it represents all the people of Epirus and it is logical that it arouses the interest of subscription channels. It is believed that very soon an agreement will be concluded either with NOVA, which has been a tradition for many years, or with Cosmote. This development will be a nightmare for transfer issues. Of course, in PAS, Thanasis Staikos, the president Panagiotis Christovasilis, the team manager Babis Karvelis, do not sit idly by. They review player cases, make contacts to be ready for the final stretch. There will definitely be transfers, as last season the roster was not complete and there were shortages in key positions. It is indicative of the fact that 15 of the 34 players who played covered 81.6% of the time of participation in the 33 games of the regular season of the league and the playoffs. This shows that Staikos had no alternatives and essentially used the same players and supplemented the others when injuries and punishments were needed. And of the 15 players who pulled the biggest paddle, 10 will stay in the new season and they are Soria, Eramouspe, Pantelakis, Pamlidis, Balan, Karahalio, Rosero, Gino, Rienstra, Liasso. Pelios was transferred to AEK, Tzimas is returning to PAOK as he was on loan, Tsintotas, Boreira have completed their cooperation and will leave, while Bilbao does not seem to be in the plans either. This means that there will be at least ten to twelve transfers, experienced and young players, to strengthen the team and not have the same problems they had last season, where they were almost relegated.

Staikos: “Pelius fits what Almeida is asking for”

The competitive profile of Stavros Pelios, who was transferred to AEK, was analyzed in his statements to sdna by PAS coach Thanasis Staikos, emphasizing: “Stavros, after his loan to Iraklis, returned last summer to PAS Ioannina and had two players (Kiakos, Poznanski ) in front of him in claiming the position at the left end of the defense. From the first day of summer training, he gave his best in training. And this was the key that gave him the position of the main one over time. He is a 100% professional and consistent footballer who gives his all in training, even when he is on the bench or out of action… In the course of this season, he showed some fluctuations in his performance. Last October he discussed with me and raised the possibility of going on loan to another team that would offer him more time and games on his feet. Then I told him that he should continue his work and effort at PAS Ioannina. Observing the zeal with which he worked in training, I started to give him innings and he deservedly won a starting position and kept it until the end of the season. He played very well and was rightfully interested in big teams, winning everyone’s recognition.”
– On his competitive profile and whether it “sticks” with Matias Almeida’s AEK: “First of all, let me note that he is an excellent character who works hard. As a player he has good technique and reception of the ball. He has a tactical understanding, participates and cooperates with his teammates in the offensive game, without this meaning that he neglects his defensive duties. On the contrary, he makes very good offensive defenses, exerting intense pressure on the opponents. And I think this was an element that made AEK focus on him. Stavros can play aggressive defense. It fits AEK’s style of play and Matias Almeida’s philosophy.”

Eramouspe was voted leader of PAS

Rodrigo Eramuspe with his constant presence, as well as his 9 goals, was voted as the top player of PAS Ioannina in the Super League voting. The Argentinian was one of the leading personalities of the team again this year, thanks to which PAS succeeded and finally succeeded in staying in the category. Karahalios and Tsintotas followed, with a significant contribution as well. When the voting for each team is complete, then the voting for the league’s top player will begin.
Detailed results: The Super League announces the results, after voting by the fans, of the Stoiximan Player Of The Club competition of PAS Ioannina: 1) P. Eramouspe 22.35%, 2) Z. Karahalios 18.55%, 3) P. Tsintotas 14.44%, 4) G. Pamlidis 12.83%, 5) S. Pelios 12.46%, 6) E. Pantelakis 6.64%, 7) A. M. Moreira 5.20%, 8) K. Soria 3.25%, 9) K. Rosero 2.81%, 10) K. Balan 1.47%.

From today’s printed edition of the “Continental Struggle” (1/6/2023)

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