The Terminator Appears in Red Dead Online thanks to a player


User Reddit with nickname dennymcclane decided to fantasize about what if the Terminator appeared in the world of the Wild West.

While Red Dead Online isn’t as well loved as its famous single-player equivalent, it has certainly found its own passionate fans. The expansive game world, incredible detail, and complex physics from the base game have all been carried over to Red Dead Online, and players are also provided with a great character creation package exclusive to online. With a wide range of options, customization of game characters allowed players to create versions of Red Dead Online characters such as the infamous Freddy Krueger.

The author showed the Terminator in a variety of costumes. He also shared a screenshot in which the character can be seen with a bare torso. Other users praise dennymcclane for the exact resemblance and laugh at the photographs of the Terminator standing naked in a dark field, like in a classic film.

Unfortunately Rockstar Games do not actively develop Red Dead Online so the Terminator has every chance of rusting with boredom.

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