The terrible danger of paracetamol is named


Scientists from Edinburgh University in
Britain found a new danger of painkillers. It’s about paracetamol
and ibuprofen.
Taking these medicines during pregnancy causes harm to the reproductive
system of the fetus. In samples that were exposed to one of two
drugs within a week, the number of cells of the germ line, which are the precursors of spermatozoa and oocytes, decreased.
According to
scientists, girls may have fewer eggs
lead to a premature onset of menopause. Boys contribute to the change
insufficient production of spermatozoa, reports MedicalXpress.
Previously, experts found that taking large doses of paracetamol while
self-medication can cause serious problems in the functioning of the liver and even lead to
of death. At the same time, a steady increase in the consumption of a dangerous drug
has a much greater threat to health than an overdose. Taking aspirin and paracetamol during pregnancy lead to # Cerebral Palsy The child has #pregnancy # Cerebral Palsy # pain reliever #aspirin #paracetamol # congenital – Omega Service (@omega_servis) November 28, 2017

As they wrote Dni.Ru, scientists
from the Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine established the relationship of obesity and
male infertility. For several years they, together with Novosibirsk
the center of reproductive medicine observed a group of patients from 570
men of 34-40 years with infringements of parameters of a seminal fluid. Almost 70% of them
suffered from excess weight.


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