The terrible moment when a water slide collapses and people fall into the void

A family day almost ended in tragedy. Through the YouTube platform, the video was published, now viral, which showed the terrible moment when a water slide Collapsed and caused the children to fall from a height of about 10 meters. The images shocked the world of social networks.

The incident occurred in Kenjeran Park, in the city of Surabaya, in the province of East Java (Indonesia). The accident forced the emergency service to quickly transfer 16 people to the area’s medical center, according to reports. Between News.

As you can see in the clip circulating on the Internet, a section of the water slide came loose and the water cascaded to the ground. Thus, it unleashed the desperate cries of the victims, mostly children, who hit the entertainment track.

Immediately, some visitors near the affected area helped the victims. While others began to record the terrible scene. The head of the Surabaya Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), Ridwan Mubrun, confirmed that a boy received treatment after suffering a brain injury.

So far, local authorities reported that no deaths were recorded after the accident, but they did have to be transferred. 16 people injured to be treated at a medical institute in the area. “Regional Disaster Mitigation and some public health centers provided emergency services. Subsequently, the incident was dealt with in accordance with the provisions”, official sources declared after the incident.

The heartbreaking moment a slide collapses and bathers fall into the void

According to reports collected by local media, the collapse was caused by lack of maintenance work routinely on attractions. However, the Kenjeran Park administration denied this version and pointed out that the accident happened because the slide was overloaded on the moment of collapse.

The head of human resource development at Kenjeran Water ParkBambang Irianto, argued that the management of the amusement park carries out maintenance tasks regularly and that the last general overview of the conditions of the games was carried out nine months ago. In this sense, he clarified that the attractions of the headquarters are controlled daily by the workers in charge of said tasks.

For his part, the deputy mayor of Surabaya, Armuji, requested the inspection of other amusement parks in the region to avoid “Similar incidents in the future”. In this way, he announced that his government will accompany the establishments in these tasks and will provide all possible support that necessary to corroborate the correct operation of the attractions and their condition.