The Territorial Show Group Championship will be held in Granollers on February 16th

The Territorial Championship of show group skating will be held in Granollers on February 16. Finally this has been the option chosen by the Federation, due to the inability to take the test, as planned, in Fontajau, this weekend. The pavilion, as you will remember, was flooded last Thursday as a result of the temporary Gloria and the City Council has already calculated that it will have to invest one million euros in renovations. There is still no date to reopen the installation.

Faced with this setback (the 4,500 tickets had been sold in a short time), the Federation ended up postponing this weekend’s appointment and moved it to the Granollers Sports Palace. The priority that was prioritized was to find a stage with a high capacity for seating and to be as close as possible to Girona.. The Vallsana installation has room for more than 5,000 spectators. Now the Federation will have to decide how it manages the distribution of the tickets and what it does with those that had already been sold for the Fontajau appointment. The flood will also prevent Girona from hosting the Championship of Catalonia, transferred to Lleida, on 23 and 23 February.

The championship of Girona represents the starting shot of the season of skating in show groups. This is a highly anticipated date because it is where two of the major clubs on the world scene, the CPA Girona, last year’s champion of everything, and the CPA Olot, runner-up, will present the new choreographies of the season. The championship will also see representations of the major clubs in the district, in large, small, quartets and youth groups.


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