The theatrical blow in a city in the west of the country. The elections have been canceled and will be resumed, but the elected mayor can no longer run

The Central Electoral Bureau announced the elections in the city of Moldova Noua, Caras-Severin County, where the winner was the PSD-Pro Romania alliance candidate, the incumbent mayor, Adrian Torma. The mayor entered the electoral race with difficulty, being very close to being removed from the race following some court decisions.

The BEC took the decision to cancel the elections in Moldova Noua on the complaint of PNL, which claimed the fraud of the elections. Gabriela Stupatu, a former judge who joined PSD after retirement, said that in case of cancellation of elections for fraud, a candidate is forbidden to run again only if he was directly involved in the election fraud.

“On the role of the Central Electoral Bureau were some notifications regarding a possible fraud, as a result of which the elections were canceled and the candidate Adrian Torma was removed from the competition. Indeed, according to the provisions of Law 115, art.39 , letter h, BEC solves notifications regarding the electoral fraud and may order the cancellation of the elections in case it is found, based on the administered evidence, that the voting and establishing the election result took place through fraud likely to modify the assignment of seats in the respective constituency. The new elections should take place in such a case under the same conditions, using the same lists of candidates, with the exception of cases where the commission of fraud is retained by a candidate, if the candidate is directly involved in the fraud that determined the cancellation of the elections “, said Stuparu, former vice-president of the Caras-Severin Tribunal, but also of the County Electoral Bureau, for expressdebanat. en.

According to the former judge, the fraud is established by the BEC, on a case-by-case basis, based on the evidence presented by those who invoked it, without the person concerned by such an accusation being able to show that things are different.

“Based on the evidence invoked by PNL Caras-Severin, the involvement in this fraud cannot be retained in Adrian Torma’s charge. It is claimed that the president by car, with a bag of votes, would have left one of the sections. “Totally unproven thing. Or that a member of a committee has left a section at noon. In addition, the validity of the candidacy is not within the competence of the BEC, but of the courts, it has been established that it has the right to run “, added Gabriela Stuparu, quoted by