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Many read it, others saw it on film, but without a doubt one of the most famous book thefts in history is the moment Bastian takes the copy of “The Neverending Story” from the Koreander bookstore. Óliver Espinosa is a lawyer and is the author of “The bookstore and the thief”, published by the Planeta publishing house.

The novel tells of the peculiar relationship between a bookseller and a thief, with a bibliophile as the third in contention, and the three parts of a very special edition of Dante’s “The Divine Comedy” as objects on which the plot unfolds. A true tribute to the world of ancient books that have an incalculable value. Espinosa explains that an old book is not the same as an old book.

He believes that, regardless of the time they have, the books from before the 19th century are productions much more cared for and preserved than those from the 20th century, when the book became a “mass” object. And this is the theme that has most filled his novel. In addition, the writer has reviewed other great thefts of well-known books and their motives, such as that of the Calixtino Codex from the Cathedral of Santiago in June 2011.

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