The thermometer rises again, red alert in Sardinia

Sassari. A freezing winter awaits us because Russia has closed the gas taps, on the other hand we are stocking up on heat in this early summer that cannot be hotter. We thought we had peaked on Sunday morning with the thermometers shot well above 35 degrees (in the shade) but yesterday the island set new records almost everywhere. According to the data of the Sar – Arpas, in Ottana it has exceeded 41 degrees, in Ozieri, Masainas, Milis, Orani and Nurallao it has gone beyond 40. Record temperatures also in the sea areas and in large cities, from Cagliari to Sassari, from Olbia to Oristano. The heat wave – with overcast skies and thick, sticky air – will continue to bother us for another two or three days. Indeed, meteorologists predict that temperatures will rise further over the course of the day as the color that marks the level of alert has been brought from orange to red throughout the Cagliari area. And it will stay red until Thursday. The Ministry of Health and Civil Protection invite you to follow some rules of prudence by connecting to the site and suggest limiting exposure to high temperatures, staying at home to facilitate cooling of the body and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Particular attention must be paid to the most fragile (very old people, people with health problems, who take drugs, babies and very young children).

Level 3 – the one foreseen on the island today and tomorrow – indicates emergency conditions with possible negative effects on the health of healthy and active people and not only on groups at risk. The longer the heat wave, the greater the expected negative health effects. A consequence of the heat wave is also the raising of the warning level on the fire front. The Regional Civil Protection announces a day characterized by “a regional operational phase with reinforced attention”. The bulletin indicates a high fire danger with an orange code which, between north and south, affects about 50% of Sardinia. Yellow code – medium danger – in the remaining part of the island’s territory. Alert the emergency teams.