The third edition of the League of Nations will be drawn in Switzerland

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The composition of the tournament groups will take place in Montreux, Switzerland, on December 16.

The draw for l3rd edition of the League of Nations 2022/23, It will be raffled on December 16 in Montreux (Switzerland) from 11:00 hours. France will defend the title obtained in the last edition of the competition.

The group stage matches of the different leagues They will be played between June 2/8 and 8/14 and September 22-27, 2022. The semifinals for the title, to which the winners of the four blocks of League A will access, will take place at a venue to be confirmed on June 14/15, 2023 and the final and third place on June 18.

Leagues A, B and C will have a total of 16 teams, which will be distributed in four groups of four, and the remaining seven will play in league D and will be divided into two series, one of four and the other of three.

The first group of League A will play the finals and the winners of the rest of the leagues will ascend, while the quarters of leagues A and B will be relegated and those of C will have to play the so-called play-outs in March 2024 to avoid going down to D.

At this moment 51 of the 55 teams know in which league they will play in the third edition. The other four will play in C or D according to the results of the qualifying rounds (‘play-outs’) next March, in which Kazakhstan will face Moldova and Cyprus against Estonia.

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Source: UEFA Nations League.