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The third wife of 88-year-old Ivan Krasko said that she lives with the artist out of pity.

00:10, 02.02.2019

Natalya Vyal reported that she treats her ex-husband as a tenant.

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In October last year, the famous Soviet and Russian actor – 88-year-old Ivan Krasko, divorced his young student – 28-year-old Natalia Shevel, married with whom he lived for three years. Spouses broke up peacefully, without scandal. The renowned artist said that “everything is fine” with them, and his ex-sweetheart confirmed that the relationship had simply become obsolete. After the divorce, Natalya remained to live in the apartment of her ex-husband, and he himself moved in with her previous (third) wife, costume designer. Natalia VyalHe married in 2001, when he was already 71 years old, and his bride was only 24. For 10 years of marriage together, the couple acquired two sons – Ivan and Fedor.

Natalia Nikolaevna was not at all against reunion with Krasko. The woman said she would only be glad if the ex-husband would live closer to the children. Now, apparently, Vyal changed her mind. In the studio of the program “Let them talk,” she said that Krasko had only allowed herself to come out of pity, and at the moment they live as a lodger with the hostess.

Ivan Krasko in the Let the Talk Studio

“We have a special relationship. I give him a bed, cook, wash, tidy. And he does not support me, but as if he pays for these services, ”said Natalia. She added that Ivan Ivanovich in every way achieves reciprocity and even arranges scenes of jealousy, not wanting to understand the real state of affairs. And the reality is that at the moment Natalya Vyal meets a 46-year-old theatrical figure Alexander Bolshakov. "I am surprised! I so hoped that our relations would gradually recover, ”the people's artist was amazed.

But that was not all. Not sparing the feelings of her ex-husband, Vyal said that she had never loved him and was not going to marry him, but Krasko literally pursued her and chased away other men. “I told him before the wedding:“ Don't you see that I don’t love you? Do not you see ?! Why do you need this? ”“ You love, you love me, ”he replied. He had self-hypnosis, ”said Natalia. Despite the fact that Vyal does not like her husband, she is also not going to drive him out of the apartment, since she understands that there is no place for Ivan Ivanovich to go.

Natalya Vyal and her new beloved Alexander Bolshakov

However, a month and a half ago, Natalya Shevel promised to leave the former husband’s apartment. “I am grateful to him for everything. I tell him thanks for everything. He did me a lot of good. But I will not return, even if he asks. I'll take my things for a couple of days and leave. If you start a new life, then you need to start it from a completely clean slate, ”said Natalia.

We add that Ivan Krasko is a father of many children. In addition to boys born to Natalia, he has a daughter Galina from the first spouse and Yuliya – from the second. It is also known that Ivan Ivanovich had a son Andrei Krasko, who followed in the footsteps of a distinguished father and became an actor. However, on July 4, 2006, the 48-year-old heir to the artist died suddenly from heart failure during the filming of the series “Liquidation” in Odessa.

Ivan Krasko with his sons Ivan and Fedor

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