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Cristina Medina, from ‘La que se avecina’, reveals the least known part of cancer

The Sevillian actress Cristina Medina, well known for her role as ‘Nines’ in ‘La que se avecina’, has announced in a video on her Instagram profile that she suffers from breast cancer. Fortunately, he comments that his diagnosis is favorable: “Everything has a very good prognosis and you are not going to get rid of me so easily.” However, despite the forcefulness of the news broadcast, the interpreter wanted to focus her video on another issue, which is none other than the economic effort that all people suffering from the disease are forced to face. According to account, the aid that the State offers is very insufficient and the expenses to which they are doomed are considerable. To face a series of care that improves the quality of life of patients, it is necessary to resort to private services such as acupuncture or sports sessions adapted to the physical circumstances of these people. Also buy bandoliers and creams that relieve the head after hair loss due to chemotherapy. In short, disbursements that not everyone can face. For this reason, he proposes that groups of friends of people with cancer do a ‘crowfunding’ so that they can face this situation, which is already very hard psychologically, with a little more economic relief. Although he also clarifies that the ideal would be for the Government to take charge of these expenses derived from the disease. He is aware that there is still a certain social modesty when talking about cancer, but he suggests that it must be normalized and uses an example: “If when you are pregnant they give you a gift, this is the same but the opposite.” This implies that anything that can help an oncological patient is good if it makes it easier for them to day-to-day, even financially.

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