The three missing crew members found dead due to shipwreck in the Orinoco

The boat capsized on June 19 in the Orinoco River. The search was carried out by fishermen from Marhuanta in Ciudad Bolívar.

The search and rescue work for the three missing crew members after capsizing a boat in the Orinoco River ended this Friday, June 24, after the bodies were found.

The boat with six people sailed from El Palmar (Anzoátegui state) and that was shipwrecked in the El Almacén fishing community, in Ciudad Bolívar, leaving three dead and three survivors.

It was learned unofficially that the fishermen of the Marhuanta community were the ones who carried out the search.

This after receiving the report presented by the three survivors of the shipwreck when they came ashore in the area of ​​El Almacén.

One woman and two men

Relatives reported that the victims were one woman and two men. They were missing for four days in the Orinoco parish (Angostura del Orinoco municipality).

The unfortunates were identified as Irma Moronta, Carlos Barrios and José Luis Grillet.

The boat capsized during the morning of this Sunday, June 19, when six people finished their fishing day and were preparing to return to the Nueva Guayana community of Ciudad Bolívar; however, the boat misfired and two days later the incident was known.

The National Institute of Aquatic Spaces (Inea) reported that as soon as they had the report, the search pattern was carried out and the procedure was immediately started with the support of fishermen in the area.

However, relatives denounced that they did not receive the support.

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