The times when Bertín Osborne could not say that he was married and had a daughter

Until he decided to pursue music professionally, Bertín Osborne sang at parties from your friends and at family gatherings. No one, least of all his father, the Earl of Donadío de CasasolaA man of strong character, he imagined that his son would first leave his studies as an agronomist and then several jobs that were called serious. The businessman worked as a real estate and insurance agent, sold promotions, was public relations for wineries and in his free time he did what he liked: to sing.

Meanwhile, the paternal disagreements only served to become independent and show everyone that his work happiness was in music.

The report of ‘Protagonistas’ that the Bertín family brought to light. (File)

On July 9, 1977, he married Sandra domecq in the church of San Miguel de Jerez, where many years later his daughters Alejandra and Eugenia would also do it, and where at the beginning of October 2021 they did the youngest of the sisters, Claudia Ortiz Domecq. The details of their marriage, however, were kept secret in Bertín’s artistic beginnings.

Finally, in 1980, the Hispavox record company made him a contract. They were part of this company Juan Pardo, Mari Trini, Paloma San Basilio, Massiel, Raphael, Jose Luis Perales, Miguel Rios and Manuel Alejandro as a composer, among many other stars of the moment. Bertín is a stranger, but the new CEO of the company, José Luis Gil, a real talent scout, notices that Bertín, in addition to a spectacular physique, is hooked. The following year, in 1981, he launched ‘Mediterranean love’, which becomes number one.

The contracts to perform in the best venues and stages multiply and he becomes the boy of the moment. His resounding voice triumphs and his 1.90 gallant physique, plus his sympathy, do the rest.

Bertín, posing for the magazine. (File)

In those years it was very common for managers and record companies to embellish the biographies of their artists and exclude what they considered to be less salable. And this is what happened with Bertín Osborne. They introduced him as a boy from a good family from Jerez, although he had been born and had lived, until he married, in Madrid.

Nothing was said of his marital status. It was not convenient for Bertín to offer a image of married man, and that was kept secret. They said from the company that it could harm his career in the face of the fans. So it was for a few months until the magazine ‘Protagonistas’, of the Zeta group, published the information in which he presented Bertín at his home in Jerez and photographs of Sandra with the four-year-old girl Alejandra. The singer explained that it was not a secret, but to separate public life from private.

Domecq and their daughter, in the ‘Protagonistas’ report. (File)

From that moment, there was nothing to hide and even the singer really said that his life was not an easy road as it might seem: “I have not been a spoiled child. My father was very hard on me and for a time we did not speak to each other. I left home and looked for a life when few in my family, if not anyone, thought that I was going to be able to make a living from music. Unfortunately, the worst thing now is seeing my daughter Alejandra less. There’s just one thing that really pisses me off. That they judge me only for a record work. A singer must be seen and heard live. I do rock and roll and American country. I have more than two hundred songs composed and nobody has noticed it. I would like to see more attention paid to this matter and less to placing the labels of handsome and don Juan ”, he went on to say.