A plane of the German airline Lufthansa. – JOSEP LAGO / AFP

He had found the trick to fly at a lower cost. A passenger is asked 2.112 euros by Lufthansa for leaving at a stopover the trip he had booked.

Indeed, a stopover flight is usually cheaper than a direct flight. Some passengers have integrated the scheme and they therefore book two successive flights with no intention of taking the second. This is precisely what the traveler who has caught the wrath of the German airline, tells BFM TV.

It stops during the trip

The passenger booked a return flight between Oslo (Norway) and Seattle (USA) via Frankfurt (Germany). He made good use of all the stages of the outward flight, but on his return, he did not show up for embarkation to complete the journey between Frankfurt and Oslo.

The airline therefore felt injured, describing this practice as a violation of its terms and conditions of sale.

The Lufthansa dismissed

She therefore appealed to the court and claimed the passenger compensation of 2.112 euros, the difference between the tariff he should have paid if he had not "tricked" (2.769 euros) and the price actually paid (657 euros ).

The Berlin District Court dismissed Lufthansa in mid-December on the grounds that it had not been able to provide evidence to prove the loss of profits. But the company does not intend to stop there because a spokesman told CNN that the company "had already appealed against this decision."


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