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The Tokyo Olympics is about to open, many Hebei athletes point to gold medals

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China News Service, Shijiazhuang, July 20th. Title: The Tokyo Olympics is about to open. Many Hebei athletes point their gold medals

Author Li Xiaowei

Only three days before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese athletes are arriving in Japan one after another. Among the 431 athletes announced by the Chinese sports delegation for the Tokyo Olympics, 13 were from Hebei Province. Among them, Gong Lijiao, Pang Wei, Yang Haoran, Sun Yingsha, Wang Han, Chang Yuan and other famous athletes played in track and field (shot put), shooting, table tennis, and swimming. Diving), boxing and other events have the ability to compete for gold medals.

Data map: On July 19, local time, the reporter visited the Olympic Village Square of the Tokyo Olympic Games. The picture shows the Chinese national flag hung on the balcony of the room where the Chinese Olympic delegation stays.Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  The veteran “goes out”: Gong Lijiao hopes to realize his dream and Pang Wei hopes to win again

This Olympics will be the 35-year-old shooting star Pang Wei and 32-year-old shot put star Gong Lijiao for the fourth consecutive time to represent the country.

Gong Lijiao has maintained the best result in the world from 2019 to 2021, especially in June of this year when he cast a world best result of 20.39 meters. At the Rio Olympics 5 years ago, she failed to get to the podium because of her poor performance. Now, this Olympic Games, she will be expected to become a stable guarantee for the Chinese track and field team to win gold.

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“Strive to create a personal best in the Tokyo Olympics and achieve a happy ending.” Gong Lijiao said in an interview earlier.

Pang Wei, born in 1986, will compete in the men’s 10m air pistol individual event and the 10m air pistol mixed team competition. In 2008, Pang Wei stood on the highest podium when he first entered the Olympics, but in the London Olympics four years later, he was only fourth in poor condition. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, he won a bronze medal. During this trip to Tokyo, he said in an interview that he would use a more sophisticated attitude to strive for another Olympic champion dream.

  Olympic debut: Sun Yingsha and Wang Han are expected to win “double gold”

From the outside world, after participating in the Olympics at the age of 20, Hebei table tennis player Sun Yingsha will become a new generation leader in China’s table tennis after Guo Yue. China has achieved three consecutive championships in the women’s table tennis team event in the Olympic Games. Sun Yingsha will compete as the main athlete this time and will also participate in the women’s singles competition. The “Little Devil” has the strength to hit the gold medal.

When she first entered the Olympics, Yingsha Sun, who frankly said that she was nervous and excited, “I hope to get the goal in my heart.”

The Olympic debut will also be staged with 30-year-old diving athlete Wang Han. She was a substitute for the 2012 London Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics, but failed to make it to the Olympics. In this Olympics, she will compete with Chongqing athlete Shi Tingmao in the women’s double 3m springboard event. They have performed well in domestic and international competitions in the past two years, and their results have been in the forefront. At the same time, Wang Han will also hit the gold medal in the women’s 3-meter springboard individual event.

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  Two “battles” for the Olympics: Yang Haoran and Chang Yuan sprint towards their dreams

This time Yang Haoran and Chang Yuan, both of the two “battle” Olympics, had completely different identities in the Rio Olympics last time. Yang Haoran is an athlete, and Chang Yuan is a sparring partner. Entering the Olympic Village again five years later, they are all sprinting towards their dreams.

The 25-year-old Yang Haoran is the champion of the men’s 10m air rifle at the 17th and 18th Asian Games, as well as the individual and team champion of the 10m air rifle at the 51st and 52nd World Championships. He has repeatedly broken the world of men’s 10m air rifle. Record. However, at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Yang Haoran, who made his debut at the Olympics, played abnormally and stopped in the men’s 10m air rifle qualifying competition.

In this Olympics, Yang Haoran will play in the men’s 10m air rifle and 10m air rifle mixed team events. “The goal is definitely a champion.” He said in an interview with the media a few days ago.

The 24-year-old Chang Yuan followed the Chinese boxing team to the Rio Olympics in 2016 and completed his first “Olympic Journey.” However, she did not participate in the competition, but only as a sparring partner. From the sparring team at the Rio Olympics to the key players in the women’s 51 kg class at the Tokyo Olympics, she has worked hard and hard to imagine in the past four years.

In last year’s Tokyo Olympic Boxing Asian Oceania Qualifying Tournament, Chang Yuan defeated Tajikistan’s Kosimova, Indian legendary veteran Kom, and Japanese star Namaki Tsukiumi, showing strong strength. In this Olympics, she will compete in the 48-51 kg boxing women’s boxing competition. In a recent interview with the media, she said that she hopes to rewrite the history of the Chinese women’s boxing Olympics. Previously, the best results of Chinese women’s boxing athletes in the Olympics were silver medals won by Ren Cancan and Yin Junhua. (Finish)

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