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A new week of sales begins on Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty. Other merchants like Cdiscount, Boulanger or RED by SFR are not participating directly in this edition, but they are taking advantage of this start of the year to release a multitude of offers. Several promotions are still available at many merchants, here is our list of the best promotions for Monday.

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Amazon does not participate in the winter sales of 2021. Despite everything, it is possible to count on the online merchant to hope to do business on its platform. He decided to put forward a multitude of good plans during this month of February, to the point that new promotions are available at the beginning of the week. Between flash sales on major brands and more standard deals, you have the opportunity to make great savings.

For their part, the sales on Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty give rise to multiple offers, several thousand items are still entitled to reductions today. Some discounts can reach -80% thanks to the last markdown. The French Cdiscount has taken the decision to extend its participation in this edition of the sales.

How are the winter sales going?

The winter sales are a good example of the rise of ecommerce in France. Due to the health context, which has remained just as particular for a year, the public has turned to online shopping to no longer have to go to the store. Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac or even Darty have attracted many more customers since this period, this is still true of the merchants who are involved in this winter event.

For years, sales have been the benchmark operation, this edition is no exception. This is the only event in this category to be run by the government, and Black Friday is not. For the duration of the operation, the State allows traders to sell at a loss, which means that everyone can sell products below their purchase price. Thus, the offers reach discounts never seen in other promotional periods.

The sales on Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty as well as the parallel promotions unveiled by Amazon and others represent a boon for all those who wish to save money. All product categories have the right to discounts, it is possible to find deals on fashion, decoration, furniture, DIY, culture and toys.

For these sales, Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty all put the spotlight on the high-tech sector, this is also the case with the promotions put forward by Amazon, which is not participating in this edition. This Monday, it is still possible to save money on many devices like phones, televisions, headsets or laptops and tablets. Even popular brand products may be affected, such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple, Sony or Bose.

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It’s always the sales on this Monday

The sales on Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty should already be finished, but surprise: the operation is still underway on Monday. At the request of the merchants participating in this edition, the French government has accepted that it be extended by 2 weeks. If it were to end on March 17, it will ultimately extend until March 2. It’s perfect if you haven’t taken the time to visit the different web platforms yet.

This is the only change in these balances. Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty are staying the course and always post premium offers on their websites. As we said, all product categories are affected by discounts. All clients have every interest in turning to them for last minute deals on popular referrals.

Amazon doesn’t have the sales, but it has indicated its willingness to continue the new promotions this week. This follows the logic of this weekend, as the merchant has put forward many flash sales. He continues to do the show this morning in parallel with the operation which is still officially held at Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty. If this last minute change saves you time, you better be a little quick.

And for good reason: who says sales also means out of stock at merchants. As the public has adapted to online shopping, all online platforms are taken by storm, this is even more true since the start of the sales. All web players, whether they are directly involved in this event or not, are facing stockouts. There are still offers, but you have to hurry to grab the last nuggets before they disappear.

A right to a second chance with a return policy

Whether it’s sales or not, all e-merchants must offer a return policy. This protects customers when they buy online, as they have the opportunity to change their mind after an order if they are not convinced. This return period must be 14 days in France, but it is even longer on some platforms.

If you choose Amazon, the return period is 30 days after delivery. Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty allow customers to return products up to 14 days after delivery, whether it concerns items on sale or not. In all cases, the return is free and the refund is complete. This is valid for all merchants – even those who are not involved in this operation.

It is a godsend that the sales on Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty have been extended by two weeks. If you still have a little over a week to find business online, you better be keen. The last markdown is in progress, it is still seducing people, because it is the period during which the prices are the lowest during the operation.

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