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The torments of Giovanni Toti. In Forza Italy rags fly

The Azzurri "filo-Lega" come back to office and big words fly in Forza Italia. The proponents of a center-right Leghista have their bishop in Giovanni Toti who today has clashed with the 'orthodox' FI who defend the 'autonomous' line of Silvio Berlusconi.

For the governor of Liguria "the problem is a ruling class that has always settled behind the Cav and has never been able to take responsibility for getting involved and confronting the changing world, even in a competitive way".

"I do not understand what the political position of Toti – Mariastella Gelmini, leader of the group Fi – replies – first proposed the single party with Salvini, now seems to want to make an aggregation with La Russa, with Meloni and perhaps with Fitto. that is everywhere except where Forza Italia is ". Deputy Renata Polverini goes down: "Delegitizing the ruling class before the elections in Trentino is an act of sabotage.Unfortunately Toti as Al Capone is always" elsewhere "when fighting the battles to assert the role of Forza Italy in the territory" .

An internal disagreement of FI accused a few days ago with the excommunication of the current Forza Salvini, which today returns to be heard asking the party to vote the economic maneuver of the government, perhaps with some correction. The lawyer Pietro Spizzirri, promoter of the rebellion, states that "the vergonoso coup is trying to organize the ruling leaders, but he will not succeed, because this role is only there inside the smoky buildings while outside, among the people even among our people, they no longer count for anything ". A clash that threatens to weaken the action of opposition to the government by Fi, already limited by the attempt to contrast above all the M5S component of the executive.

The tones, however, against Matteo Salvini become more rough. "The League seems impassive in allowing the collapse of the country to M5S – attacks Gelmini – If Salvini continues to contract the economic policies to M5S and will vote the income of citizenship, his consent will be exhausted very soon". "No to a center with a pull League," says the deputy leader of Forza Italy in the House, Mugnai. There are also seven young deputies defended by a newspaper as critical of the Italian leadership. "There is no trial, it is false that the party is divided". Toti at the end tries to tone down and assures: "I do not want to close Forza Italia or move to the League".


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