the tragedy discovered by his brother-

from Cesare Giuzzi

The old woman found in her bed, suffocated with adhesive tape on her face. 57-year-old son hanged himself in the bathroom. He had not worked for some time and seems to have suffered from depression; he lived with his brother in the same building

Homicide suicide in via delle Ande in Milan. In the late afternoon of Wednesday 11 May a 57-year-old Italian man killed his 91-year-old mother and then took his own life by hanging himself in the bathroom. The woman was found in her apartment bed, suffocated with death several turns of duct tape on the face that blocked her nose and mouth. The state s murder-suicidecovered in the late afternoon by the other child of the victim, who went up to the third floor in his mother’s apartment. On the spot the carabinieri of the investigative unit of Milan who carried out the first surveys.

According to the first reconstruction, the 57-year-old, management engineer but who had not worked for a long time, he would have killed himself using the rope of a roller shutter. His brother found him hanged behind the bathroom door. The 91-year-old, according to initial information, did not suffer from any particular pathologies: she moved with a walker, but still left the house and was autonomous. The 57-year-old lived with his brother, who was also unemployed, in an apartment in the same building of via delle Ande in Bonola.

It looks like the 57 year old lately he suffered from depressive problems and serial accumulation. The father of the two brothers was a former company manager who had also worked in France in the past. The two sons then bought an apartment in the same building as their mother and it was they who looked after it. In the late afternoon, seeing neither the mother nor the brother, the other son went up to the third floor and discovered the bodies. According to the first tests of the investigators of the weapon there would be no signs of other people and It is plausible that the 57-year-old killed the old woman and then committed suicidealthough autopsies will be needed to clarify the dynamics exactly.

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May 11, 2022 (change May 12, 2022 | 07:24 am)