The trains leave after a 10 minute stop throughout the country – VG

NO TRAIN: It is not often that such large parts of the train traffic are affected, but the error affected a central system for Bane Nor.

An error in the communication system between the trains and the train managers paralyzed traffic throughout Norway.


At 14.49, Bane Nor announced that the trains were running again.

– There has been a fault in our communication system, between the train managers and the trains. It is back now and all trains are running again, says press officer Mari Rjaanes in Bane Nor to VG.

However, they warn that you still have to reckon with delays and cancellations.

– Trains stood still for 10-12 minutes, so there will probably be some small delays until everything is taken again, the press officer says.

These were the affected train lines:

  • Affected train lines:
  • View Regional train Narvik – Riksgrensen
  • View Regional Train Oslo S – Bergen
  • View Local train Bergen – Myrdal
  • View Local train Myrdal – Flåm
  • View Local train Porsgrunn – Notodden
  • SJ Norway Local train Trondheim S – Storlien
  • SJ Norway Local train Trondheim S – Støren
  • SJ Norway Regional train Dombås – Åndalsnes
  • SJ Norge Regiontog Hamar – Trondheim S
  • SJ Norway Regional Train Oslo S – Trondheim S
  • SJ Norway Regional train Trondheim S – Bodø
  • SJ Norway Regional Train Trondheim S – Steinkjer
  • SJ Regiontog Oslo S – Stockholm
  • F1, F1X, F2
  • Arctic Train Local train Narvik – Bjørnfjell
  • Go-Ahead Local train Stavanger S – Egersund
  • Go-Ahead Regiontog Nelaug – Arendal
  • Go-Ahead Regiontog Oslo S – Stavanger S
  • L1, L12, L13, L14, L2, L21, L22, L3, R10, R11, R20, R30