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The transfer of illegal immigrants to "sanctuary cities" is an "option", according to the White House

The White House confirmed Sunday the study of the transfer of illegal immigrants to "sanctuary cities", after a salvo of tweets by Donald Trump, Democrats accusing him of "making chaos" on the border between the United States and Mexico.

"Sanctuary cities", such as San Francisco or Chicago, refuse to arrest illegal migrants on a large scale, limiting their cooperation with federal immigration officials.

"This option is on the table," White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in an interview with ABC on the possibility of transferring immigrants who crossed the Mexican border illegally and arrested to these cities. , often led by democrats.

The Washington Post reported Thursday, quoting a White House official on condition of anonymity, that the idea was considered and then "rejected." But Donald Trump himself, in a volley of tweets Friday and Saturday, confirmed always thinking about it.

According to the US press, the immigration authorities are not in favor of this plan, considering it inappropriate and questioning its legality. But the ex-real estate mogul believes he is in his right.

"The US has the absolute legal right to transfer illegal immigrants apprehended to sanctuary cities," he tweeted Saturday night.

Sarah Sanders on Sunday attacked Democrats, accusing them of not working with the Republican president to change immigration laws.

"Democrats still say they support open borders, support shrines, so let's share that burden," she said.

The opposition has strongly criticized a plan that it says is not legal.

"It's once again the organized chaos he has created in the last two years at the border," Bennie Thompson, chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, told ABC.

Donald Trump has made the fight against illegal immigration his hobbyhorse and has portrayed the thousands of migrants from Central America in recent months as a threat to national security, regularly accusing the Democrats of laxity.

He has demanded, to no avail so far in the absence of an agreement in Congress, a profound overhaul of immigration laws, ruling that the texts in force in the United States were "among the most stupid in the world".

However, Trump's spokesman said on Sunday that the option of smuggling to sanctuary cities was not "the first choice".


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