The transformation of the military hospital into a “medical hub” raises many fears

Mrs Dedonder (PS) recently clarified her project in the House Committee, explaining that the future “medical hub” will consist of a military hospital, a training, training and simulation center and a capacity pharmaceutical and medical-logistics. It aims to be a knowledge center as much as a potential crisis hospital. This will, she says, be achieved through digitalization and sustainable partnerships and collaborations with national and international stakeholders.

These remarks by the minister aroused concern among many members of the medical and hospital community, according to documents obtained by the Belga agency.

Several hospitals believe that the Minister’s statement casts a shadow over her desire to make the current Queen Astrid Military Hospital (HMRA) in Neder-over-Heembeek, in the northern suburbs of Brussels, a “real” specialized hospital where a specialized structure like the burns center would become unviable in the long term due to the lack of a specialized medical environment, even in the opinion of the authors of the project.

Hospitals are also wondering about the methodology chosen by Defense to develop its project, “without prior consultation” with its own hospital doctors, neither with the civilian sector nor with Public Health, and “without questioning the needs of the civilian world” in the specific field of crisis medicine.