Business The transformation of the world's richest man Jeff Bezos...

The transformation of the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos of a modest businessman


To say that Jeff Bezos has become unrecognizable would be a nauseating hyperbole, but the richest man in the world has certainly taken a different appearance from his humble beginnings.

Amazon is now a global online retail giant, but in 1995 the ubiquitous platform was just a website that sold books.

It was the business genius and intuition of Bezos that drove the explosive growth of the company, triggering its dominance of electronic commerce and consolidating the founder as the richest man in the world.

But along the way, modesty seemed to come off when the shirts tightened and the necklines sank.

The stories became less suitable for a humble businessman based on a rented garage in a suburb of Washington, as Bezos was engulfed in plots of world leaders.

The loss of hair and the replacement of the 25-year marriage with the celebratory bride were the surprising little steps for a super successful businessman, but hacking the phone allegedly at the hands of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia transcends even the midlife crisis more elaborate


Last year, Bezos agreed to pay the largest divorce settlement in the world with his former partner MacKenzie Bezos, who pocketed a 4% stake in the online shopping empire, worth more than $ 52 billion at that time. .

The agreement made the author Ms. Bezos the fourth richest woman in the world, but said immediately after the announcement that she would deliver at least half to charities.

In April, the two who married in 1993 announced details of their separation on Twitter.

“I am grateful for your support and for your kindness in this process,” Bezos said in a tweet.

The two did not go into details about the division of their expansive properties and other investments, maintaining the light and friendly tone in their statements.


The marriage of decades stopped early last year when Bezos’s romance with his now girlfriend Lauren Sánchez was revealed.

The divorce was announced in January, just before the National researcher He published a story saying that the founder of Amazon was having an affair.

He later accused the tabloid editor of threatening to publish explicit photos of him unless he stopped investigating how Investigator He got his private messages.

An associate of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, had been accused of filtering the steam sexes exchanged by the billionaire founder of Amazon and his lover when his marriage broke up.

Michael Sánchez, brother of Bezos’ lover, Lauren, shared the couple’s explicit messages with him National researcher, according to multiple sources who spoke with him Daily beast.

“I love you, living girl,” the billionaire wrote to his married lover in a suggestive text. “I will show you with my body, my lips and my eyes, very soon.”

In another message, he wrote: “I want to smell you, I want to inhale you. I want to hold you tight.” I want to kiss your lips. i love you I’m in love with you.”

The spicy texts between the head of Amazon and the television star Ms. Sanchez were exposed by the Investigator last year, in what he called the “biggest investigation” in its history.


Then, Bezos launched an investigation into whether Trump was involved in filtering salacious messages, and was “increasingly convinced” that there were “political motives” behind the stories, according to the Daily beast.

Sources of the The investigator the parent company, American Media Inc, and another that spoke with the firm’s main bosses, alleged that Mr. Sánchez sent the texts to the tabloid newspaper.

Sánchez, an open supporter of the president who says he is his sister’s manager and publicist, denied any role in the leak. He said he learned about the matter last year and socialized with Bezos and his sister several times, starting last April.

Sanchez said AMI sources had told him Investigator he set out to make “a demolition to make Trump happy,” according to the Bezos newspaper, The Washington Post.

Documents viewed by the Daily beast Mr. Sánchez reportedly thought the Investigator he had pursued history with “the knowledge and appreciation of President Trump” and the support of Republicans “who THINK that Jeff gets up every morning and has a WaPo meet to plan your next diabolical attack on President Trump. “


Jeff Bezos’s phone was allegedly hacked after receiving a file sent from an account used by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, United Nations experts say.

The two experts called for an “immediate investigation” by the United States of information that suggests that Bezos’s phone was probably hacked after receiving an MP4 video file sent from the WhatsApp account of the Saudi prince in May 2018, after the two exchanged phone numbers. At a dinner in California.

The billionaire’s phone was probably infected by spyware, hidden in a message from the Prince.

A forensic analysis conducted by technical experts held by Bezos after a leak of his personal information suggested that his iPhone was compromised by “tools” acquired by a close associate of the Saudi de facto ruler.

The suggestion of the Prince’s role in piracy prompted calls for further investigation by UN human rights officials to investigate the murder in October 2018 of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was a Bezos collaborator. The Washington Post.

The file in question was sent to Mr. Bezos’s phone five months before Khashoggi was killed by Saudi government agents inside the Saudi consulate in Turkey.

At that time, the Crown Prince was widely acclaimed for announcing major social reforms to the kingdom, but Khashoggi was writing columns in The charge that highlighted the darker side of the simultaneous repression of the crown prince over dissent.

The charge He was critical of the Saudi government after Khashoggi’s murder and demanded accountability in a highly public campaign that was published in the newspaper for weeks after his death.

“The information we have received suggests the possible participation of the Crown Prince in Mr. Bezos’ vigilance, in an effort to influence, if not silence, The Washington Post informing about Saudi Arabia, “UN special rapporteurs Agnes Callamard and David Kaye said in a statement.

“The alleged hacking of Mr. Bezos and others’ phone calls for an immediate investigation by the United States and other relevant authorities.”



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