News The Treasury will strengthen citizen attention to process the...

The Treasury will strengthen citizen attention to process the digital declaration of income


The Biscayan Treasury knows that the implementation of the digital income statement in 2021 will represent a headache for many taxpayers. That is why the County Council has strengthen the citizen service, which will be assaulted by more than one doubt when liquidating this year's exercise. This was announced at the General Meetings by the deputy of the area, José María Iruarrizaga, where he appeared at the request of Elkarrekin Bizkaia, who has not hidden his concern that this new system widens the digital divide.

According to the head of the foregoing, next year "anyone with doubts will have at their disposal a wide deployment of means". In fact, it has advanced, the Biscayans can clarify any aspect related to personal income tax in person, by telephone or by a remote and interactive assistance system which will allow them to prepare the declaration without leaving home.

The deputy of Finance and Finance has also explained that 100% of taxpayers, whether individuals, companies or freelancers, will receive settlement at home and they can access the draft declaration online to be able to accept it, modify it or complete it from the computer or through an app, using the DNI and a password provided by the Treasury.

The objective of the new system, Iruarrizaga stressed, is to "modernize and digitize" the Administration. «Let no one be left out of digitalization». However, the opposition questions that happening. «34% of the population of Bizkaia does not have internet access», said the spokesperson for the purple formation, Eneritz de Madariaga. "We will have a less secure system in 2021 and that will be an insurmountable barrier for thousands of Biscayans who do not have the necessary knowledge to use it," added Amaya Fernández, of the PP.

A "more sustainable" model

For EH Bildu, digitization is also the "objective." However, to achieve this, the process must be carried out "gradually and clearly." That is why he has complained to the Diputación, through his attorney Arantza Urkaregi, that in 2021 "the two systems, the current and the digital, be combined."

The groups that support the Foral Government have it clear. "It is an improvement in the service and taxpayer assistance will be guaranteed," said jeltzale Jon Andoni Atutxa. «Eliminate paper and evolve towards a more sustainable model», added socialist Ekain Rico.



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