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The tremors of Angela Merkel, what happened to her?

"I'm fine, I've drunk at least three glasses of water, which seems to be missing, now I feel good again", said German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday, when asked about speculations about her state of affairs. health for the visible tremor of hands and legs suffered while receiving the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenski, working visit in Berlin.

The German Chancellor attributed the tremors to a supposed problem of dehydration, while directing a smile at Zelenski, who in turn pointed out in a jovial tone that she had seen Merkel "very safe".

The images of the Chancellor under the sun, with signs of physical weakness and holding hands repeatedly to try to calm the tremor, for about half a minute and while the German anthem sounded, quickly became the subject of comments in the German media.

Merkel has resumed her agenda normally today, but what really happened to the chancellor?

The German media were the first to speculate but also to reassure the population. Consulted by the local agency DPA, Alexander Schultze, number two of the Department of Emergencies of the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, indicated that it was not impossible that the symptoms that Merkel had were caused by a lack of fluids. From the medical point of view, the tremors in themselves are not a matter of alarm, said Schultze, who noted that the lack of hydration is common in the weather that was yesterday. (In Berlin there were about 30º C). Also, the fact that the chancellor felt better after drinking three glasses of water, can be a indication that it was a short-term circulatory problem, said the doctor.

While Jakob Berger, general practitioner and president of the Association of Bavarian Doctors, does not see in the episode of Merkel tremors reasons to worry. "I'm surprised," he told VIP News. "But rather, because Merkel always seems so stable." Berger rejects that behind the spasms of the Chancellor there is a serious illness. "It was too short," he said. "Right after the national anthem, she was able to continue normally with the Ukrainian president."

The German doctor considers dehydration, the lack of water, the most probable cause of what happened. "It's very hot now in Berlin. A woman like Angela Merkel undoubtedly has a quite stressful lifestyle. " This promotes a loss of electrolytes in the body. And that, in turn, could cause uncontrolled spasms and tremors. It also rules out that Merkel suffers from a neurological disease such as Parkinson's, as it expresses itself with weaker tremors. "His trembling was too strong. The tremor of Parkinson's would be much lighter, "he concluded.

The news and the video have gone around the world. So many foreign media have turned to their experts to find out what could happen to one of the most powerful women in the world.

For its part, the specialist in internal medicine at IMED Hospital Manuel Valls Roig has explained to Atresmedia that being "an elderly person, with a significant emotional burden and exposed for a long period to the sun. It could be correct that he suffered from dehydration. "

"If the fluid deficiency is short-term, for example, on a hot day with a greater need for fluid when you sweat a lot, or if there is a diarrheal disease in which a lot of fluid is lost, then it usually manifests itself in dizziness and weakness" , has explained Jan Halle, spokesman of the German Society of Nephrology, to Sputnik.

The Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera" interviewed Alberto Albanese, Professor of Neurology at the Humanitas Institute of Milan and at Humanitas University. When asked if dehydration is possible, the doctor explains that "let's say that dehydration, which is the lack of fluid, is not foreseen in the medical manuals as the cause of the tremors. Anyway, it can suppose faints, lowering of tension, muscular tension and alteration of the cardiac rhythm. But the German chancellor, after this episode, which lasted at least a minute, as can be seen in the video, has been able to walk normally. "

Merkel will turn 65 next July 17. She came to power in 2005 and was re-elected for a fourth term after the general elections of last 2017.

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