The trial against the murderer of María Corvalán begins


CRIME. Martín Quisbert was arrested a few meters from the house, when he tried to escape from the bloody scene.

04/15/2018 – The next Tuesday 17 will begin the oral trial against Martín Quisbert, the subject accused of murdering with a French key to María del Valle Corvalán, a young woman who resided in the defendant’s home, in the Bº Juan Perón. The bloody crime occurred on July 13, 2015, when the victim was in the building of Calle Antenor Álvarez No. 1115, almost Republic of Lebanon, preparing food for their children and was attacked by the accused. After the brutal attack, Corvalán -who was 8 months pregnant- died on the spot. His body, immersed in a large pool of blood, was found by members of Section 15, who were alerted by the victim’s children. A few minutes after the brutal act, Quisbert was arrested. In his statement, he revealed that he met the victim as a sex worker and soon after attending, he offered her a room in her house, where she lived with seven of her nine children. Evidences The Gender Violence Unit -represented by Dr. Marta Elena Ovejero- accused the accused of the crime of qualified homicide and abortion. It should also be mentioned that the accused already had a conviction for attempted murder. During the oral debate, the representative of the Public Ministry will present the evidence collected throughout the investigation. It should be noted that during the process, in addition to the skills carried out in the house, a statement was made to the victim’s family and children -who rushed to ask for help- as they witnessed how the fight began. The story of María del Valle’s friends was also heard, who were aware of the relationship that existed between the accused and the victim. The court will be integrated by doctors José Luis Guzmán, Margarita Piaza de Montoto and José Luis Achával. The lawyers will be in charge of defining the future of the accused, who harvested the life of the young mother and the baby she carried in her womb.


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