The trial for the revocation of Bharada E’s power of attorney will take place tomorrow at the South Jakarta District Court

Jakarta – The trial of the civil lawsuit regarding the revocation of the power of attorney of Bharada Richard Eliezer (Bharada E) against lawyer Deolipa Yumara was again held at the South Jakarta District Court.

“The agenda for the trial tomorrow is still to summon the defendants,” said South Jakarta District Court Public Relations Haruno when confirmed in Jakarta, Tuesday night.

As before, the trial is scheduled to take place at 10.00 WIB in the Court Room V of the South Jakarta District Court, Jalan Ampera Raya.

The trial of the civil lawsuit filed by Deolipa Yumara and Muh. The Boerhanuddin trial has been held twice. The first trial, Wednesday (7/9), was opened without the presence of the defendant. The panel of judges leading the trial also requested that the legal files of the lawyers accompanying Deolipa Yumara be corrected, including the address of Defendant II. The trial was then postponed for one week and rescheduled for Wednesday (14/9).

In the second trial, Wednesday (14/9), the judge examined the administrative completeness of the plaintiff’s attorney and corrected the defendant’s address. The chairman of the panel of judges, Siti Hamidah, stated that the files were complete and would send a summons to Defendant II to be ordered to attend the hearing on Wednesday (21/9).

The defendants in this case are Richard Eliezer Pudihang Lumiu (defendant I), Ronny Berty Talpesy, new lawyer Bharada E (defendant II), then the National Police Chief casu quo (Cq) or in this case Kabareskrim Polri (Defendant III).

Ronny Berty Talpesy as the legal lawyer of Bharada E who is also the second defendant in this case, stated that he would be present to fulfill the court summons to attend tomorrow’s trial.

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He also stated that he had received a summons from the court.

“It has been received (the summons) will be present tomorrow,” said Ronny.

Ronny said that his lawyer team, including Bharada E, would be represented at tomorrow’s trial.

“It is sufficient for civil servants to be represented by the principal’s lawyer, they are not required to attend. I am still focused on assisting Bharada E, so I cannot attend,” said Ronny.

In this case, Deolipa Yumara asked the panel of judges to punish the defendants jointly and severally to pay a lawyer’s fee of Rp. 15 billion.

Requesting the panel of judges to declare the letter of revocation of power of attorney dated August 10, 2022 on behalf of Richard Eliezer Pudihang Lumiu as defendant I null and void.

Then asking the jury to state that the act of revocation of power by defendant I and defendant III in making the letter of revocation of power was done with malicious intent and against the law.

For that, request that the panel of judges cancel every form of power of attorney to the relevant legal advisor/advocate as the legal advisor of Richard Eliezer Pudihang Lumiu in the matter of the death of Brigadier Joshua and declare it invalid.

The plaintiff also asked the judge to state that the plaintiff is Bharada E’s legal advisor and has the right to defend himself until the trial.(ant/chm)