the tribune of the departmental councilors in Isère

The departmental councilors of Isère, by the individual signature of this platform, wish to recall their full and complete commitment in favor of secularism in all public spaces and equipment, in the spirit of the law of 1905.

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While the Taliban have just again imposed the wearing of the burqa for all women in Afghanistan, the municipal councilors of Grenoble will be called upon to decide on the authorization in municipal swimming pools of the bathing burqa, renamed “burkini », clothing sign of oppression and inferiority of women.

Imposed by minority groups

The burkini aims, purely and simply, to impose Islamist standards in the heart of bathing and public recreation areas. The burkini is not a fashion accessory but a tool in the service of an ideology which denies equality to women, and which, behind the simple question of dress, aims to trivialize Islamist precepts.

This debate is imposed on us by minority groups, whose only objective, in the end, is to challenge the very legitimacy of the Republican law on religion. Public spaces, schools, public services, but also companies, are traversed by new tensions which are so many challenges to the rules of secularism also bearing, in fineharm to all French women and men of the Muslim faith.

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This is why, as elected representatives of the Republic, it is important for us to reaffirm here our full and complete opposition to the burkini, which has no place in France, and our desire to guarantee the neutrality of the public space, against all those who, on the contrary, seek to exploit it.

We refuse to tolerate intolerance. We refuse that a public space becomes the place of expression of an ideology which, by insisting on our differences, seeks to divide and separate us. Our common culture is that of France, which fraternally welcomes believers and non-believers of all faiths far from all communitarianism.


Jean-Pierre Barbier, Franck Benhamou, Mireille Blanc-Voutier, Olivier Bonnard, Christophe Borg, Anne-Sophie Chardon, Christophe Charles, Vincent Chriqui, Patrick Curtaud, Claire Debost, Gérard Dézempte, Michel Doffagne, Céline Dolgopyatoff Burlet, Isabelle Dugua, Robert Duranton, Martine Faïta, Nathalie Faure, Anne Gérin, Annick Guichard, Christelle Grangeot, Delphine Hartmann, Joëlle Hours, Martine Kohly, Franck Longo, Cyrille Madinier, Roger Marcel, Sandrine Martin-Grand, Annick Merle, Damien Michallet, Isabelle Mugnier, Fabien Mulyk, Jean Papadopulo, Bernard Perazio, Julien Polat, Annie Pourtier, Frédérique Puissat, Fabien Rajon, Christophe Revil, Cathy Simon, Imen de Smedt, Christophe Suszylo and Aurélie Vernay.