The tribute for the 70th anniversary of ‘Singing in the rain’ arrives in Madrid

One of the musicals known in the history of cinema celebrates its 70th anniversary this year and for that reason, Àngel Llàcer, Manu Guix and Miryam Benedited have created this musical to commemorate the great classic of ‘Singing under the rain’ which can be seen in New Apollo Theater in Madrid. They say they don’t think there is a better time and that for them this film marked them during their childhood.

In this reinvented version, Llàcer has contributed all his creativity and the experience of having previously worked on other successful projects such as the crazy women’s cage. However, this director says that in his show there is only quality and that the spectators who see it will not miss any of the most characteristic elements of this film. “It’s a show that has it all“, assures Guix.

Along these lines, the musical director of this show, Manu Guix, says that received the sheet music directly from Hollywood but that later they have worked for more than a year to adapt them to this project, something that is corroborated by their versatile artists who assure that they have had to go through some tough rehearsals and learn different artistic disciplines such as tap dancing or improvisation.

And as for the choreographies, Miryam Benedited, has worked especially on how convert the film performance to a musical live to make staging and dances that are attractive to the public and even innovative. Thus, one of the best known numbers of this production, the famous “singing in the rain”, in this case is a group performance of dancers who reinvent the use of streetlights as dance bars.

It is therefore a creation with a budget of 2.5 million euros and in which every night an authentic rain is recreated on stage for which more than thousand liters of recycled water, one of the characteristics that has most attracted the attention of the public and the press.

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