The trick of the daughter of the late Imam S Arifin to run away with a dozen motorbikes, the money is for daily needs

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Members of the Taman Sari Police, West Jakarta Metro Police arrested RDA, daughter of the late Imam S Arifin for the theft of a motorcycle.

Metro Taman Sari Police Chief AKBP Rohman Yonky Dilatha said the police had arrested RDA because they received reports about the theft of dozens of motorbikes.

“RDA is the main perpetrator who stole the motorbike. Yes, he is the son of singer Imam S Arifin,” said AKBP Rohman Yonky Dilatha at the Taman Sari Police Headquarters, Thursday (29/9/2022).

According to AKBP Rohman, the report also came from outside Taman Sari.

In carrying out his actions, RDH always persuades his victims to lend him a motorbike.

The woman targeted a previously unknown victim.

Somehow, Resti managed to trick the victim into lending his motorbike.

“He persuaded his victims to want to lend his motorbike. So that after successfully borrowing, the wait did not come. Finally, the victim realized that his motorbike was stolen,” said Metro Taman Sari Police Chief, AKBP Rohman Yonky Dilatha on Thursday (29/9/2022).

After successfully deceiving the victims, the woman sold her motorbike to traffickers with the initials AA and H.

The embezzlement proceeds are sold for Rp. 2.5 to Rp. 3 million.