The Trinche was beaten, robbed and is hospitalized

Violence does not stop even with pandemic for him coronavirus. Now the victim was nothing less than Tomá Felipe “Trinche” Carlovich, who was assaulted and beaten this afternoon in the western part of the city and now fights for his life in intensive care. Criminals stole the bicycle with which he always moves around the neighborhood and left him lying on the street after hitting his head on the ground. The former player was recognized and an ambulance was immediately called, with which he was transferred to the Clemente Alvarez Emergency Hospital (Heca), where he is in intensive care, in a critical, unconscious state, with induced coma.

According to the first data collected, the Central Córdoba idol (74 years old), was very shocked by the blow, since when he was pushed by another person to steal his bicycle, he hit his head on the floor in the corner of Córdoba and Paraná.

The Trinche Carlovich rode as usual in the western area on a bicycle, precisely one that he had recently acquired. And in the aforementioned corner, around 17, the criminals approached him and pushed him, according to a witness, to steal it and left him lying on the sidewalk while they fled with the vehicle in front of some passers-by.

Trinche arrives at HECA

“It is wrong, it is complicated, because of the blow they gave him. He has a stroke, we are waiting if the brain absorbs it. We are very scared by what happened to him,” said Bruno Carlovich, his son, at the Emergency Hospital tonight. “Clemente Alvarez”.

It is not at all strange to cross it to the Trinche Carlovich through his neighborhood pedaling and going around with his bicycle. Nothing ever happened to him, until today where the thugs made a bad move. Not only for taking out a precious asset for him, but for the blows he received and for which he had to be transferred to the emergency hospital where various studies are being carried out.

The son of the trinche

The Trinche Carlovich, is not only an emblem of Central Córdoba, where he played a large part of his career, but also of Rosario’s soccer and was recognized worldwide by the best players in the world, such as Diego Maradona, who on one occasion told him “you were better than me”.

“The old man has a spill” said Bruno, the son of the Trinche

“The old man is wrong. You have a spill. We have to wait, ”said Bruno Carlovich, son of the Trinche, at the door of the care center where his father is being treated. “He came in unconscious and then they sedated him because he was nervous. Also because of the great blow he had, ”he added, saddened by the moment his dad has to go through.

“It is not clear what happened. Some say he was beaten and others say he fell. The only thing we know is that his bicycle was stolen, ”said Bruno, who reiterated at every moment that“ there is nothing left to do but wait. ”


Of course, the news was quickly replicated in the city and the friends of the Trinche, one of the emblems of Central Córdoba and Argentine soccer, went to Heca to be close to the former player and, obviously, Bruno. “This is very strong for us. We are waiting for everything to go well. And we stand up to the best player in the world. Hopefully he recovers, “said Luis, one of the former player’s great friends admired by great footballers.

“They induced him into a coma due to the spill,” added another of Tomás Felipe’s life companions, who today is trying to gambetear the situation and emerge unscathed from this fight that is taking place with great force.


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