The true story of ‘Ayer’ and all the videos of this song by Luis Miguel

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“How it hurts me to know that this is something I only dreamed of” Sol, got romantic in chapter four of Luis Miguel, series 2 and he gave us a new song that we will surely bring to mind all week: “Yesterday“, His first single from the album Aries, released in 1993.

Capture of one of the ‘Yesterday’ / YouTube videos

This was the song chosen to relate the period of the life of Luis Miguel when closest to his daughter Michelle Salas and some key moments to understand why the singer has kept his personal, family and business relationships in complete privacy.

This time we will talk about “Yesterday“, the song of Sun which has several video versions and which was the first released when Aries, his ninth studio album, broke records and earned him a lot of good reviews as it meant a change in musical style from previous albums.

Aries, specifically, was in the first place from the Latin pop album chart of Billboard for nineteen weeks! and in Mexico it sold a million copies (at the beginning of the nineties, that was crazy!) and, for this album, it won a Grammy.

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The story of “Ayer”, the song of Luis Miguel

The song “Yesterday“, from Luis Miguel, It was written by David Foster, Canadian who has worked with John Lennon, Dolly Parton, Madonna, Michael Jackson and many many others; Jeremy Lubbock, a composer who has worked on films such as Rocky IV and he was the arranger; Y Rudy perez, who has worked with Beyoncé, JLo and is the first Latino producer to have won Billboard Producer of the Year four years in a row.

It turns out that “Yesterday“Is a cover in Spanish of”All That Hy Heart Can Hold“, Written in the mid-80s nothing more and nothing less than by David Foster.

Listen to it here and, don’t be scared, the original song is only instrumental:

What is the story of Luis Miguel’s video for “Ayer”?

Well, we have news: there is not one, but at least three different videos of the song “Yesterday“.

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The best known is the official video that the label Warner Music has on his YouTube channel (and that you can see later) and that has elements very similar to the video that was recorded in the Luis Miguel series: al Sol in a white shirt and denim, a gorgeous half-naked model, some black and white shots and, instead of the famous horse of which Patricio robles spoke in the series, we see a golden eagle.

As you can see in that video, as in the series it did not rain on the set, but petals did fall that simulate falling water (heh-heh).

But… why do we say that there are three videos of “Yesterday“? Because three directors worked their own version and yes, everyone has it on their CV because hey! Working with Luis Miguel is not just anything:

  • Benny CorralHe is from Chilango and a film and television director. In addition to “Ayer”, he has worked in videos of Ricardo Arjona, Laureano Brizuela, Fey, Yuri, among others.

  • Ruben Galindo, is a director, producer and cinematographer who has worked in advertising and entertainment, in addition to being a choreographer, he is an actor and singer. He has directed videos for Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Los Tigres del Norte, Thalia, etc.

  • Gustavo Garzon, is an Argentine actor and director who has also worked with Shakira, Ricky Martin and Juanes.

Tons which video he stayed? Pueeeees, actually the best known is a mixture of the three. He he. Here you can see another version:


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